STPeach receives another Twitch ban following suspension last month

It's unclear why STPeach was banned again.

Screengrab via STPeach on YouTube

Streamer STPeach has been banned on Twitch once again. No reason for the ban, which follows a suspension she received from the streaming platform early last month, has been announced yet.

Automated Twitter account StreamerBans (which is not affiliated with Twitch in any way) posted today that STPeach is banned from the platform. It’s still unclear why she received the ban and how long it will last.

In March, the streamer was banned after she cosplayed Cammy from Street Fighter during a fundraising stream for Games For Love, which supports children in hospitals. Though Twitch did not confirm the reason for that ban, STPeach was unbanned just over a day after she was suspended—one day, eight minutes, and 29 seconds to be exact.

The streamer wrote on Twitter about her ban last month. “Banned from twitch,” she said. “Next time I’ll make sure to bring a hot tub out. At least the kids still get the $10k.”

STPeach isn’t the only recent notable ban from Twitch. Streamer Narcissawright was permanently banned from the platform last week.