STPeach unbanned on Twitch after one day

Twitch has yet to reveal the reason for the ban.

Screengrab via STPeach on YouTube

STPeach was banned from Twitch yesterday following a stream where she cosplayed as Cammy from Street Fighter. But now, just one day later, the streamer has already been unbanned, according to StreamerBans

Many fans believed a popular NSFW clip from that March 1 stream was the reason for her ban. But the true reason behind the suspension has yet to be revealed by Twitch or the streamer herself. 

The clip in question comes from a fundraising stream STPeach held for Games For Love, a charity that supports children and their families in hospitals. By the end of the stream, over $10,000 had been raised for the cause. 

The most the 28-year-old streamer had to say about the ban came from a tweet yesterday: “Banned from twitch. Next time I’ll make sure to bring a hot tub out. At least the kids still get the $10k.”

While the reason for STPeach’s ban still remains unclear, the suspension has been lifted after just one day. The response to this news has been divided. Some don’t understand why she was banned in the first place, while others are just relieved to have their favorite streamer back.

NSFW content has been a hot topic on Twitch over the last year. From Amouranth and Indiefoxx’s “hot tub” meta to more recent events such as this one, streamers are constantly pushing the boundaries of Twitch’s community guidelines. And while both of these situations resulted in the main players getting banned, fans and streamers alike have continued to debate what should and shouldn’t be allowed on the Amazon-owned platform.