Sodapoppin upset that Andrew Tate “meta” overshadowed his OTK announcement

"Why am I not number one?"

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In one of the least surprising moves in the marketplace of esports orgs, One True King (OTK) added Sodapoppin as its newest part-owner. While his hilarious reveal video would typically turn heads, it didn’t get as much attention as the Twitch star would have liked.

Speaking with Asmongold on his stream yesterday, Soda talked about the Twitch news cycle and the “meta” that shapes how creators approach content. In the past week, streamers commenting about and debating Andrew Tate has driven viewer engagement on the platform.

Tate is largely known online for having numerous controversial beliefs about women, which led to him debating xQc on stream. He has since been a significant part of the news cycle in the streaming world, receiving condemnation from the likes of Ludwig, Hasan, and others.

With the divisive personality dominating the attention of fans, a clip of xQc interacting with Tate was the top trending post on the LivestreamFails Reddit on Friday morning, beating out the announcement video for Sodapoppin joining OTK.

And Soda wasn’t too happy about playing second fiddle.

“I’m so mad that xQc fucking with Andrew Tate was the top LSF post over me getting announced,” Soda said. “Why am I not number one? … I got beat by xQc calling him a groomer or something. I fell asleep.”

Asmongold joked back with Soda, suggesting that if he expressed misogynistic beliefs, he might be able to compete with the polarizing trend of Tate getting attention on the platform.

“You should have talked about how you own women,” Asmongold said. “That’s all you had to do.”

The frustration on Soda’s part led to a deeper conversation between the two about how the “meta,” or streaming content cycle, flows. Earlier in the spring, creators like Asmongold leveraged the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial to increase their viewer counts, and now, discussing drama surrounding Tate is generating engagement.

“I want to be the next meta,” Soda said. “I don’t want to beat women or anything like that. I don’t want to get canceled, but I want it to be ‘oh my god Sodapoppin, let’s talk about Soda.”