Sneaky delivers a perfect Fate/Grand Order cosplay as Nero Claudius

Another one.

Photo via Riot Games

Sneaky’s back with another jaw-dropping cosplay.

The former League of Legends pro perfectly executed a Fate/Grand Order outfit, posting photos of his costume last night. Sneaky dressed up in a Nero Claudius maid outfit, paying homage to the servant from the Japanese role-playing mobile game.

The veteran cosplayer draped himself in Nero’s typical bright red hue, also wearing a white headpiece and bow around his neck. Golden tassels on the shoulders and lining of the skirt bring a pop of color. And no maid outfit is complete without an apron. The former pro finished the ensemble off with a pair of golden, spiked heels.

Sneaky also used this cosplay as an opportunity to promote G FUEL, posing with two shakers in one of the photos.

The community showed its usual support for Sneaky’s cosplay, flooding the thread with positive comments and hilarious memes.

This certainly isn’t the first time Sneaky has pleased fans with entertaining cosplay. The AD carry main has dressed up as several League champions, including Star Guardian Xayah and K/DA Ahri. Most recently, Sneaky delivered a seductive “Lingerie Snacky” costume.