Sneaky celebrates Easter early with “Bunny Snacky” cosplay

You can always count on Sneaky to deliver prime-time content.

Photo via Riot Games

Former League of Legends pro Sneaky donned a new bunny costume today, showing off his elite cosplay skins—and some shoulder.

The Twitch streamer is known for pulling off wildly accurate and ambitious costumes. This cosplay is certainly fitting for the holiday season with Easter only a couple of weeks away.

Sneaky takes an elegant approach with this cosplay design, wearing all black aside from a puffy, white cottontail. Instead of traditional bunny ears, the cosplayer threw on a refined black headpiece that still alludes to the rabbit aesthetic. And elbow length, see-through gloves scream sophistication.

This is one of many cosplays executed by the former pro ADC. To celebrate the season of love, Sneaky showed off a Nekopara Vanilla cosplay for Valentine’s Day. And the streamer played homage to one of his favorite ADCs in an amazing Star Guardian Xayah outfit.

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Since the former C9 ADC isn’t playing professionally this spring season, he might have more time on his hands to pull off legendary cosplays.