Shroud shares thoughts on the future of Twitch as big streamers transition to YouTube

"I don't think there's such a thing as killing Twitch."

Screengrab via shroud

There’s been a lot of talk about the future landscape of streaming after two of Twitch’s largest creators, Dr Lupo and Timthetatman, both signed contracts to stream exclusively on YouTube. But one of the platform’s largest believes Twitch has nothing to fear.

During a recent stream, a viewer asked Shroud if he thought Twitch would “die” following the move of big creators, but Shroud quickly dismissed this, explaining there’s always someone else to take their spot.

“Yeah when there is a transition and somebody moves to another platform some follow and some stay,” Shroud explained. “I don’t think there is such a thing as killing Twitch, I mean… Twitch is so big.”

The streamer then continued comparing Twitch’s model to YouTube’s video service strengthening his argument that while there could very well be a competitor for Twitch on the horizon, the service dying extremely is extremely unlikely.

After Timthetatman announced his decision to continue his career on YouTube, the discussion of platform would hold the future of streaming began. Even one of YouTube’s biggest stars, Dr Disrespect, explained that right now, YouTube isn’t as equipped as Twitch from a “functional standpoint”.

Other streamers also came out and shared their thoughts, with arguably Twitch’s largest personality xQc reassuring his audience he has no plans to leave Twitch.

As Shroud hinted, Twitch is still the largest streaming website on the internet with its biggest rival being YouTube. Competition is healthy, and with YouTube expanding its endeavors into the streaming space, it should result in new additions to both platforms.