Shroud is now live on Twitch for the first time in 10 months

Welcome back.

Photo via DreamHack

Shroud has finally come home.

The former CS:GO pro is now live on Twitch for the first time since October 2019. Shroud announced his return to the Amazon-owned streaming platform yesterday after tweeting numerous GIFs teasing the announcement.

Shroud has already racked up over 300,000 viewers at the start of his broadcast. His stream only shows a “starting soon” screen right now, but it looks like he’ll be playing some VALORANT today based on the category he’s selected.

The FPS veteran moved to Mixer last year, incentivized by a lucrative contract and the belief that it was the “best move” for his career. But after Mixer announced it was closing its operations in July, shroud and many other content creators were left without a home.

Twitch was easily shroud’s best option since he seemingly left the platform on good terms and enjoyed immense success there. Shroud was the second most-watched streamer on Twitch in 2018 and third most in 2019, despite leaving Twitch in October.

“Twitch was where I was able to first turn my passion for streaming into a successful career,” shroud said. “As I was exploring options, I realized that there was no better place than Twitch to engage with the best and most loyal gaming community worldwide.”

With shroud revealing his return to Twitch, all eyes are now on Ninja. The Fortnite star was also affected by Mixer’s closure and he’s streamed once on YouTube and once on Twitch since his exclusive contract ended.