OTK turns its Twitch channel into 24/7 lo-fi music stream with Emiru as the ‘Lo-Fi Girl’ star

It's live whenever the channel isn't used for other things.

Screengrab via OTK on Twitch

OTK has expanded its reach as one of the biggest content creation organizations on the planet by turning its Twitch channel into a 24 hours a day, seven days a week lo-fi music stream to compete with others on YouTube.

The first stream went live on Aug. 9. In addition to having calm and relaxing beats on repeat, it also features an animated loop of Emiru chilling playing games.

Lo-fi music has been around for years. However, its modern form, which is often described as lo-fi hip hop or “chillhop,” became popular on the internet in the late 2010s off the back of 24/7 channels on YouTube.

Lo-Fi Girl is the most popular one. It has more than 11 million subscribers and averages more than 20,000 viewers on most days, and its animation loop of a teenager studying has become iconic.

People tune in to have the music running in the background while they do other things. It also serves as a safe haven for people from all four corners of the globe to interact.

Screengrab via LoFi Girl on YouTube

OTK’s stream now provides the same service on Twitch, and it’s already proving to be a hit. It averaged more than 3,000 viewers on its first day—far more than other lo-fi streams on the Amazon-owned platform.

The next closest lo-fi livestream barely clocks in at 1,000 viewers.

It could be a long way to go before it matches Lo-Fi Girl’s numbers. However, it’s a clever way to maintain viewers on the channel when it’s not being actively used to host esports events like the OTK Smite Invitational.

The ever-growing org is also spreading its wings in other ways. On Aug. 8, OTK also launched a PC build company, Starforge Systems, along with MoistCritikaL.

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