Ninja shares why he chose to stream on Twitch over YouTube

He believes his actions will have more impact on Twitch.

Photo via ESPAT Media

After the shutdown of Mixer earlier this year, popular streamer Ninja made headlines while the community waited to see where his stream would wind up next. In the months that followed, Ninja finally announced that he’d be returning to Twitch, the platform where he began his stream.

During a recent livestream with Lachlan, Ninja shared some of his reasoning for choosing to return to Twitch instead of taking his stream to his YouTube channel.

“We were highly considering it,” Ninja said. “It was a lifestyle thing at that point of what we wanted to do right, and also some other stuff that went into it. I just felt like Twitch is streaming right now If I do amazing things for gaming and for streaming, mainly for gaming in this specific instance, I think it would have more of an impact if done on Twitch, or if done while on Twitch than it being on YouTube.”

Ninja went further by explaining what he thinks is the biggest difference between streaming on the two platforms.

“When someone says you’re my favorite YouTuber, almost no one ever means your streams on YouTube,” Ninja said. “It’s always, ‘oh you’re my favorite YouTuber’ and they think of your YouTube videos.”

Another thing that swayed Ninja’s decision to come back to Twitch was the stigma surrounding being known as a YouTuber as opposed to a streamer.

“It’s just the news, no one ever reports on a YouTuber getting a million live viewers or 500,000 live viewers on a stream, or raising millions of dollars for charity, right? But when someone like Logan Paul acts up it’s always like, YouTuber this so I guess that’s what I mean,” Ninja said.

While Ninja uses both platforms, his stream solely exists on Twitch while his YouTube is reserved for clips and videos.