Nightblue3, Mendo, and GrandPooBear join xQc with Twitch bans following Twitch Rivals stream snipe

The three content creators will also be suspended from Twitch Rivals tournaments for six months and lose their prize winnings.

Image via Twitch Rivals

Twitch streamers Nightblue3, Mendo, and GrandPooBear have been issued channel bans today for violating Twitch Rivals GlitchCon’s tournament code of conduct.

The three content creators join former Overwatch pro xQc, who was suspended yesterday, with channel bans, a six-month Twitch Rivals ban, and the forfeiture of prize winnings for “cooperating in stream sniping and attempting to affect the play of the opposing team,” according to the Twitch Rivals Twitter account.

XQc openly stream sniped during the tournament, later claiming he “thought it would be funny.” But the Canadian streamer apologized and admitted it was “wrong,” especially since the tournament was for a cash prize. NightBlue3 responded similarly to his suspension, saying they were “just trying to entertain.”

XQc tweeted yesterday that his ban will last seven days. GrandPooBear and NightBlue3 confirmed today that their suspension will also be for a week. While Mendo hasn’t said anything yet, his bans will likely last the same amount of time.

Fortnite star Tfue, who was also on Team GOATS, won’t have his channel suspended. But he will also lose prize winnings for “being aware of the act” and “failing to inform the admins that this was occurring.”

This is the first ban that Nightblue3, Mendo, and GrandPooBear have received on the platform. XQc has been suspended three other times, however, for accidentally showing nudity on stream twice and for watching a viewer-sent video of gorillas having sex.