Most viewed Twitch streams of 2022

Twitch's most viewed streams of the year.

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Over the past several years, Twitch has undergone significant growth in terms of viewership. Year-over-year, millions of new viewers and content creators have joined the website and turned the live-streaming platform into one of the most viewed video hosting websites in the world.

2022 has been a landmark year for Twitch, with more individually-viewed streamers than ever before. Breaking many of the website’s records and bringing unprecedented levels of viewership to the platform, these are the most viewed streams of 2022 (so far).

Ibai – La Velada Del Año II (13 Million Hours Watched)

Ibai is undoubtedly one of the premier content creators on Twitch. The Spaniard is by far the most viewed streamer on the platform, accruing 13 million hours watched and 450,000 average viewers per stream in 2022 so far, per Stream Charts. While creating unparalleled content for years at this point, Ibai’s second annual boxing event, La Velada Del Año II, shattered viewership metrics.

The boxing event featured some of the most viewed content creators in the Spanish speaking community across YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. Before the main event, La Velada Del Año II surpassed 3 million concurrent viewers. This incredible peak broke the previous record set by TheGrefg and also aided Twitch in reaching a new all-time concurrent viewership peak for the website as a whole.

FextraLife – Lost Ark Western Release (4.17 Million Hours Watched)

Lost Ark is an online MMORPG which saw a massively successful western release on Feb. 11, 2022. The category quickly rose as one of the most viewed sections on Twitch, also breaking Steam’s concurrent player record, and has maintained a prominent status on the livestreaming platform ever since.

FextraLife is a gaming website that capitalized off of Lost Ark’s historic release, being the most viewed channel the day of release. Offering a special in-game drop during the stream, the stream amassed over 219,000 concurrent viewers and 4.17 million hours watched, per Stream Charts.

TheGrefg – Esland Awards (3.69 Million Hours Watched)

On Jan. 17, TheGrefg started the year off strong by hosting the Esland Awards on his Twitch channel. This event focusing on Spanish content creators featured some of the most popular figures in the community gathering together for the first time in a fan-voted award show.

The star-studded stream rivaled some of TheGrefg’s most viewed broadcasts, peaking at 1.06 million viewers and averaging over 630,000 concurrent viewers. While eventually overshadowed by several of the higher-up streams on this list, TheGrefg’s 3.69 million hours watched set an extremely high bar for 2022’s streams.

FextraLife – Lost Ark (3.49 Million Hours Watched)

Gaming website FextraLife saw a second massive stream only days after the western release of MMORPG Lost Ark. Though not as highly viewed as the channel’s first Lost Ark broadcast, the advertisement of another in-game drop brought over 255,000 viewers to the livestream and accounted for over 3.49 million hours watched by the end.

Kament0 – r/Place Reddit Wars (3.40 Million Hours Watched)

r/Place was a short-lived Reddit experiment, giving users the ability to place pixels on a blank canvas. Users could only place one pixel every few minutes, with other users able to paint over previously created works, creating an incredibly hostile and competitive environment on the quickly-filling canvas. Countless streams mobilized their massive fanbases to attempt to place their image permanently on the canvas.

French streamer and Karmine Corp owner Kament0 was the most viewed streamer during the Reddit r/Place wars. Gathering hundreds of thousands of his viewers, the streamer managed to cement his organization and country’s imagery on the canvas. Racking in over 3.4 million hours watched, Kament0 showed France’s immense presence on the platform.

Summer Games Done Quick – (3.37 Million Hours Watched)

Summer Games Done Quick is the most prolific charity on Twitch, donating millions of dollars to causes such as Doctors Without Borders annually. The week-long event features countless speed runners attempting to break world records across hundreds of video games. Running a near-constant stream throughout the entirety of the event, one 48-hour stretched featuring games such as Metal Gear, Doom Eternal, Xenoblade Chronicles, Borderlands 2, and more earned a spot in 2022’s most viewed streams.