‘F*****g annoying’: Mizkif details run-ins with stream snipers during OTK’s South Korea trip

Mizkif reflects on OTK's South Korea trip.

Screengrab via Mizkif on Youtube

Reflecting on OTK’s recent trip to South Korea, Mizkif slammed the multiple stream snipers who overstayed their welcome on the broadcast.

Esports organization and streaming collective OTK took a recent trip to South Korea and explored the cities of Seoul and Busan while broadcasting to their massive Twitch following. The group had countless memorable clips, as fans brought IRL donations, Esfand chipped a bone, and the group ran their own convenience store. While they enjoyed their time in a new country, though, the streamers were constantly pestered by stream snipers.

Stream sniping is an all too common reality for streamers, as it occurs whenever a viewer uses a broadcaster’s stream to find their location. This is often done to either find an IRL streamer’s location and make an appearance on their stream, or in a video game to get a tactical advantage over the streamer.

Looking back on OTK’s South Korean vacation, Mizkif explained that the number of stream snipers made him not want to stream, saying “I got away from America to stream IRL and the fact that there were so many stream snipers was fucking annoying.”

Mizkif and Emiru recounted a story wherein several stream snipers followed the group to an animal café.

“They made me pay! [The cashier] told me my total was $99.75 or something like that,” Mizkif said, “And I paused to hear someone in the background hopefully say ‘I’ll pay for mine,’ but they’re all just sitting there… I didn’t even invite you and you’re telling me I’m paying for your ass?”

Mizkif continued to express his frustrations over the multiple stream snipers who followed the group from location to location and put a damper on the stream.

While stream snipers have been a near-constant issue for Mizkif during any IRL stream, his South Korea trip seemed to only emphasize this more.