Mang0 receives 3-day ban from Twitch for “sexual content”

The suspension will last until April 1.

Image via Twitch

Super Smash Bros. Melee pro and streamer Mang0 has been handed a three-day suspension from Twitch for “sexual content,” he said.

In a tweet, Mang0 shared the news of his ban, calling the reason for it a “fucking joke.”

While it is not clear exactly what content actually led to the ban, Mang0 told Ludwig during his stream that he “thinks he humped an anime figurine too many times.”

This statement can be evidenced by this clip taken from Mang0’s stream before the VOD was removed that shows him jokingly mimicking a sexual act on the figure.

Following this ban, the community has questioned the standards to which Twitch enforce their sexual content policy. Users criticized Twitch’s decision to ban Mang0 for this act, pointing out examples of suggestive content that the platform allows.

According to the streamer, a ban isn’t the only punishment he has received, this incident may have also cost him a business opportunity.

The three-day ban on Mang0’s account is set to end on April 1.