Kai Cenat overtakes xQc by eclipsing 80,000 active Twitch subscriber milestone

And the number keeps climbing.

Image via Twitch.tv/KaiCenat

XQc might be the king of Twitch, but Kai Cenat is coming for the crown. Today, the budding Twitch star surpassed the established juggernaut in one of the most popular—and meaningful—metrics.

Reaching more than 80,000 active subscribers, Cenat reached a personal goal while also pushing past the platform’s most popular content creator. Cenat is still streaming at the time of writing this piece, and since hitting 80,000 he has added more than 1,000 more subscribers.

XQc’s active subcount is 79,043, according to Twitch Tracker. Cenat has more active subscribers than any other primarily English-speaking streamer. The only streamer with more active subscribers on Twitch is the Brazilian streamer Casimito who has a whopping 138,252 active subscribers following an influx of 63,550 on Sept. 15 and 15,683 on Sept. 16.

Cenat has an established reputation as a content creator, but it wasn’t until this summer that he started to truly bloom on Twitch. As soon as he started to dedicate more of his time to streaming on the platform, he quickly met and surpassed subscriber goals and posting viewership that puts him among the best.

This month Cenat is the second most-watched content creator on the platform, posting 9.2 million hours watched. XQc has the most-watched channel with 12.7 million hours watched. In the past seven days, Cenat has averaged 48,181 viewers across 56 hours of airtime.