Indiefoxx reportedly unpartnered after receiving sixth ban on Twitch

This could mean bad news for fans.

Image via Twitter (@indiefoxxlive)

One of Twitch’s most controversial stars has reportedly lost her partnership after receiving her sixth ban this year.

Indiefoxx was banned on June 29, but the reason and duration of the suspension weren’t clear. Responding to a post regarding her ban, Twitch partner and software engineer CommanderRoot claimed that her channel has now been stripped of its partnership.

This information hasn’t been confirmed by Indiefoxx, who’s been silent since her suspension, or Twitch, whose policy is not to disclose details of a user’s ban. It won’t be clear exactly what the situation with her channel is until she speaks on it herself.

Twitch has a policy where streamers who receive multiple bans for the same breach of the rules can have their partnership revoked or have their channels shut down entirely. Indiefoxx’s ban at the end of June was her sixth in total since she began on Twitch, with all of them coming inside 2021.

The most recent of these bans came less than a week after her channel was reinstated following a three-day ban for breaching the platform’s sexually suggestive content policy by taking part in the “ASMR meta.”

Over this year, Indiefoxx’s channel has grown massively, boasting more than two million followers and gaining more than 1.2 million since May 27. For now, fans will have to wait and see if she’s able to return to her channel following this ban.

Update July 2 12:50am CT: Indiefoxx has since removed her Twitch link from her Twitter bio.