How to whisper in Twitch chat

For your private conversations.

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Talking in Twitch chat is a quintessential element to the platform, but sometimes a more private approach is necessary when trying to communicate with someone.

Whispering on Twitch is a way to direct message someone you see in chat and serves as a great way to chat privately without needing to move to a different platform.

There are a couple of different ways that you can whisper to someone, bringing up a small private tab showing the conversation much like what you’d expect on Facebook or Google Chat.

The first way to privately message someone on Twitch is by left clicking their name in the stream chat for whatever channel you are watching. By left clicking their name, you’ll be able to see public information about their account including how many followers they have and what Twitch badges they’ve earned.

Additionally, you’ll see a few purple boxes with options for how to interact with them. You can “Add Friend,” “Gift a Sub,” and—you guessed it—“Whisper.”

By clicking the whisper option a tab will pop up at the bottom of your screen. Assuming that you meet the privacy setting requirements the person has set for whispers, you will be able to send them a private message. This can be used for various purposes, from asking serious questions to continuing a one-on-one conversation with someone that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to because of the speed and clutter of a channel’s chat.

For those who don’t feel like clicking around at names, you can bring up the same whisper tab by typing “/w” in chat along with the person’s username whom you wish to direct message.

This option will be especially useful if you were already typing in chat a lot and know the exact spelling of the username for who you would like to talk to.