How to report a username on Twitch

Twitch's new username policy goes into effect on March 1.

Screengrab via xQc

Twitch announced plans this week to add more stringent rules for what constitutes an inappropriate username as a way to help prevent harassment on the platform.

In a post to its website, Twitch explained that usernames with references to “sexual acts, arousal, fuids, or genitalia” will be removed from the platform as well as “references to hard drugs.” That does not include alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana.

While Twitch is aiming to get rid of usernames that are inappropriate, it has said that its machine learning model may not catch everything. For that reason, the platform has a way for people to report usernames that are inappropriate with just a few quick clicks of a button.

Whenever you see a name that’s inappropriate on Twitch, just follow these quick steps to make sure to bring it to the platform’s attention.

  1. Left-click the user’s name in chat. This will create a small pop-out in chat that shows their information. 
  2. Left-click the three vertically aligned dots on the right side of the pop-out. It will create a drop down option allowing you to either block or report the user.
  3. Once you select to “report” the user, you will be prompted to pick a reason for reporting the user in the middle of a screen on a pop-up. The top option is “The username is inappropriate.”