How to purchase Creator Clash 2 PPV tickets

Don't miss the action.

Screengrab via Creator Clash

Creator Clash 2 has been confirmed on Jan. 24 after weeks of multiple teases all over social media. The second edition of the influencer boxing event will happen on April 15 at the Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The first edition of Creator Clash was considered a massive success as it raised over $1 million for charity, and fans have been anxious to watch some of their favorite content creators step into the boxing ring again. Creator Clash 2 will be organized by iDubbbz once again, who will fight against Alex Wassabi in the main event.

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Although Creator Clash 2 features YouTube and Twitch streamers, two platforms where you can usually watch content for free, the influencer boxing event can only be watched live from Amalie Arena or via a pay-per-view ticket.

If you’re itchy to follow the upcoming action taking place at Creator Clash 2 but don’t have the means to travel to Tampa, here’s how you can buy yourself a PPV ticket to follow the event.

How to purchase Creator Clash 2 PPV tickets

In order to buy a PPV ticket for Creator Clash 2, you must head to the event’s official website. There’s a link to buy the PPV ticket right on the website’s home page. “Heads up, this is not an event ticket,” the link reads. “A PPV ticket is for the live stream only. It does not grant you access to the in-person event. If you would like to attend the event, please purchase an event ticket.”

Once you click the option to buy a PPV ticket for Creator Clash 2, the website will redirect you to a platform called Moment, where you can buy yourself a PPV ticket to watch the influencer boxing event.

Not only the PPV ticket allows you to watch Creator Clash 2 live, but you can also watch the replay of the event for 48 hours after it’s done. The price of the PPV ticket hasn’t been revealed yet and fans will be able to purchase their ticket “soon”, according to Moment.