How to make someone a moderator on Twitch

Assign a trustworthy person to help monitor your chat.

Image via Twitch

Twitch’s moderators are an essential part of a stream and help keep the chat and community in line. Streamers can assign moderators to help moderate chatters and viewers and prevent any negative or prohibited behavior. 

Moderators can help streamers monitor their chat while they focus on their content by removing any inappropriate content or disruptive viewers to prevent them from ruining the experience. 

There are a couple of ways to make someone a moderator. Streamers can manage roles by clicking the Hamburger menu and locating the Community tab. The Roles Manager tab allows streamers to assign a community member as moderators or other roles like editors and VIPs. 

How to add moderators on Twitch

Click the Add New button in the top right corner to assign a member of the community as a Moderator, or adjust the role of an existing Moderator from the list of users. Remember that a person cannot be a moderator and VIP simultaneously, so consider what role is better for the community member. 

Streamers can also make a viewer a mod by typing /mod {username} in the chat. Typing /mods will reveal the full list of moderators. 

Picking a trustworthy person to be a moderator is essential as they can be overzealous or misunderstand their role. Communication is vital between mods and streamers, and they should be on the same page about what content is prohibited. 

Streamers with a growing audience should consider adding a moderator to help maintain a respectable or appropriate chat and viewing experience. Streamers should add multiple Moderators as their audience grows.