How long do Minecraft Championships (MCC) last?

Hours will feel like minutes during each MCC event.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

Each Minecraft Championship event usually takes around two to four hours. Though Noxcrew has organized each MCC in a way that it doesn’t take more than two and a half hours to wrap up, technical difficulties and other unexpected in-game events can cause them to extend for a little longer.

Considering each event features some of the most known names within the Minecraft community, a longer event means the viewers will be getting a higher dose of their favorite game and content creators.

Though MCC doesn’t have a predetermined schedule, Noxcrew usually hosts the event on a monthly basis. The exact dates typically vary on the availability of all the players involved in the tournament, so you’ll need to follow MCC on social media to stay up-to-date with each announcement regarding the event.

Noxcrew also starts posting the competing teams shortly after revealing the next MCC’s date, meaning you can also plan how you’ll be watching the event before it takes place. While Noxcrew’s admin stream is an excellent way to tune in, nothing comes close to tagging along with your favorite streamer through their journey and experiencing the event through their narrative.

Note that teams get shuffled after each event, so your Minecraft content creator of your choice will find themselves within different team dynamics during each MCC. This is a nice way to test how adaptive Minecraft players are and an excellent source of friendly banter.