Hasan accused of exploiting YouTube editor, responds to claims

The streamer answered claims that he withheld pay.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/hasanabi

Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker has been caught in yet another controversy. The streamer was accused of refusing to pay one of his YouTube editors for videos uploaded to his channel. The aggrieved editor shared his side of the story yesterday, including screengrabs of the conversation.

The editor, identified as Blake during the exchange, said Hasan gave him “false hope of a full-time editing position, and used me to edit between seven to eight videos for him.”

Blake reached out to Hasan after the streamer said he was looking for a YouTube editor. He edited a few videos to the HasanAbi Edits channel, stating that he had “no expectations for compensation for the videos on this channel” and that the videos “were simply made to secure me the job by showing I can make a video daily.” The YouTube channel isn’t as popular as Hasan’s Twitch channel and makes “zero dollars a month,” according to him.

After editing a myriad of videos for YouTube, Blake asked Hasan what qualifications he was looking for on an editor.

“Currently, I’m trying to find someone who’s doing exactly what you’re doing, but I want someone who can train to make breakdown videos,” the streamer responded.

The editor continued to make more videos without breaching the topic of compensation or deliberately stating he wanted the position.

“I feel like I have been exploited to upload a few YouTube videos, that I was strung along in hopes of a job,” Blake’s Reddit post reads. “I put in hours and hours of effort and time into trying to get a position I had heard about, and was even told that I was doing well, only to get ghosted and not compensated a single cent for my time.”

Hasan responded to these claims.

“People send me videos they edit all the time,” Hasan said. “If they ask for compensation, I pay them. I’m terrible at communicating (as the editors I work with will tell you) but I would’ve paid this dude if he wanted me to, I liked his editing.”

Hasan also said he doesn’t want to receive free content anymore “unless I tell you ‘yeah I really like this can we work together I would love to pay you,’” according to the comment.

“Now as far as what to do next, I asked to take down his videos (he said he doesn’t want me to),” Hasan said. “If he wants some money for it, I’ll pay him too. He’s entitled to compensation for his labor since he obviously had a different opinion about our relationship.”

This situation caused an uproar on both sides of the argument. Some users, including a couple of other freelance editors for Hasan, said that Blake should have been clear about wanting financial compensation. Others were quick to say that the episode “is not consistent with what Hasan preaches,” since the streamer attacked corporations for being too driven by profit.