Greek shows positive results of his diet and weight loss live on Twitch

The streamer has lost over 65 pounds.

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Twitch IRL and variety streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos has revealed the results of his current diet.

Greek has been on a diet due to his obesity. He weighed about 364 pounds, but in late April, he shared a picture of him on a scale weighing 299 pounds.

In a recent Twitch clip, he’s shown that a pair of pants he used to wear have become too large and don’t fit him anymore. He can now move them all the way up and cover his belly. Greek didn’t mention how much he weighed when he bought that specific pair of paints.

Greek’s efforts to lose weight have been going on for several months, and he’s been sharing his progress with his audience a bit at a time. Since his streaming style is being funny and joking with his chat, his chat’s reaction at the time of the clip was mixed. Some people joked about him taking off his shirt, while others sent messages of support. Fans on Reddit have been mostly showing support and saying they’re proud of his progress.

Greek has a Discord server dedicated to his diet and serious discussions about fitness and health. It has special rules that you wouldn’t see in a standard Greek community, such as limits to off-topic chats and spammy content. But this special cause is making his fans talk about their progress on their own diets, giving tips to beginners who also want to lose weight or have a healthier life, and sharing recipes.

Greek’s weight loss means something to him and it certainly looks like his fans care about it, too. His Discord server has over 5,300 users and the Twitch clip of him showing his weight loss has been watched over 50,000 times at the time of writing.