Everything we know about xQc’s subathon stream

It should be a big one.

Screengrab via xQcOW on Twitch

After Ludwig smashed platform records with his month-long subathon stream, other streamers have toyed with the idea of trying their hand at it themselves. XQc–arguably the most popular creator on the platform, is no exception.

For the former Overwatch pro, to embrace a stream of this kind seems like a recipe for both chaos and success. Subathons are a type of stream where a timer is shown on stream, and for each new subscriber to the creator’s channel a small amount of time is added. The streamer must remain live until the timer has hit zero.

This model provides an incentive for fans to subscribe so that the creator remains live. In the case of Ludwig, this became a platform phenomenon outside his usual fanbase, exposing him to an entirely new audience whose goal was to delay the conclusion of his stream for as long as possible–and growing his audience substantially.

XQc has spoken about his plans for a subathon over the past few months. Unlike Ludwig, who had a 31-day cap on his stream, xQc aims for a longer, grander stream.

When will xQc hold his subathon?

Initially, xQc shared that he planned to begin his subathon on June 1, but recently the streamer said that he now plans to postpone the stream until the final months of the year to take advantage of the increased ad revenue.

Having given the timeframe of Q4, the stream will likely occur sometime between October and December. With many months prior to these dates xQc will have more than enough time to get his streaming plan and setup in order.

XQc’s plans for the subathon

Over the past few months, xQc has revealed some of his ideas and plans for the stream. He shared that his goal was to stream longer than anyone on the platform previously had, aiming for 60 days.

To achieve this two-month goal, xQc wasn’t going to cheap out on rigging his house up for optimal streaming performance. The streamer claimed he would be investing around $50,000 in getting everything prepared to go live.

Some of these preparations to take place before the stream include having multiple PC’s around the house, with plans for an outdoor setup, two indoor setups, a gym pc, and a mobile PC that can be taken around the house as necessary.

While the stream is live, xQc claimed that he will be hiring someone able to handle any issues that arise as well as manning the command center. According to xQc this person will be living in-house for the duration of the stream.

Given that the stream will be taking place towards the end of the year, plans could drastically change, or the idea could be shelved entirely. Should the stream go ahead, however, it will surely smash records and be a highlight in Twitch history.