XQc confirms subathon stream, claims it will be 60 days

Get comfy, we're in for a long one.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

In the wake of Ludwig’s record-breaking, month-long subathon stream, many other content creators have started plans for similar runs.

xQc is one of those streamers, having previously mentioned plans to hold his own subathon. But it appears that xQc is putting all the pieces in place to make them a reality.

During a recent stream while gaming with fellow streamer Sodapoppin, xQc mentioned that he planned to get multiple computers set up around his house for the subathon stream. When asked if he was serious, xQc told Sodapoppin that it will be 60 days.

xQc had mentioned that he had begun making plans with a tech expert to ensure that his subathon would run the best that it can. During the stream, he also mentioned that he expects to run the subathon within the next two months.

Earlier this month, Ludwig became the most subscribed channel on Twitch with a lengthy 31 days stream. But for xQc, having the stream remain live for 60 days would be an even more of a challenge–and likely bring a torrent of subscribers for the former Overwatch pro.

xQc stands as the third most subscribed channel on the streaming platform with 76,633 subs at the time of writing. Ludwig’s initial sub count was not near this high, but the streamer ultimately managed to end the subathon with 282,000 subscribers.

With a 60-day length limit in place and a starting point of almost 80,000, It is highly likely that xQc will manage to break this record, should he follow through with his plans. XQc is already s one of the most-watched channels on Twitch, regularly pulling in viewer counts upwards of 70,000.