XQc reveals more subathon details, teases a June 1 start date

He has claimed he will invest around $50,000 for the stream.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

XQc’s highly-anticipated subathon stream has quickly turned from fantasy to reality, and now we may have a date for when it will begin.

In screenshots from discord, the Twitter account xQcUpdates shareed some of what xQc had said regarding his subathon prior to starting his stream.

According to the messages, June 1 is the current targeted start date. Additionally, xQc is holding nothing back from this upcoming stream, claiming to invest around $50,000 to get everything set up and have it run smoothly.

While the streamer revealed his plan to have multiple PCs set up around his house previously, we now know where some of these will be stationed, including an outdoor setup, two indoor setups, one gym setup, and a mobile PC setup.

Not only will xQc be hiring someone to manage the technical aspects of this stream, but this individual will also be living in the house to man the command center as the stream unfolds.

Connection should not be an issue either as the plan is to set up a direct server to send data to Twitch. This should help with the quality and connection strength.

Recently, xQc teased the stream could potentially last 60 days and with a solid plan like this, that could come to be true. To keep the stream going for this long, the streamer would need to garner a record-breaking number of subscribers.

Already one of the biggest channels on Twitch, it remains to be seen just how long the subathon will last and how many records can be broken along the way.