DrLupo “protects” TimTheTatman’s AFK character by getting sniped in Escape from Tarkov

And it's hilarious.

Screengrab via Battlestate Games

While playing tactical first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov today, TimTheTatman asked fellow streamer DrLupo to protect his character while he went AFK. But that proved more difficult than it seemed.

Tim picked a safe hiding spot and went prone, hoping his friend could hold down the fort in his absence. The second the streamer stepped away from his keyboard, DrLupo was sniped through a window in what was hilariously impeccable timing.

“What the shit was that?” TimTheTatman yelled from afar. “Wait, are you dead? Oh, son of a- what is that timing, dude?”

A Twitch clip from DrLupo’s perspective showed the hysterical event unfold. While watching the door, DrLupo seemingly forgot he’s an easy target for a sniper aiming at the window. And Tim didn’t fare much better, being taken out soon after.

Tarkov has had a successful week on Twitch, topping League of Legends, Fortnite, and Just Chatting as the most watched category on the platform. It’s sudden surge in popularity is likely due to the rare Twitch drops viewers can earn by simply watching participating streamers. Popular internet personality Dr Disrespect has also been pouring hours into the game, claiming the game is “pretty sweet.”

To catch some more hilarious gameplay and earn some loot, tune in to TimTheTatman and DrLupo’s Twitch channels.