Dr Disrespect on Escape from Tarkov: “It’s not the fastest game… but there is a certain level of intensity and build up”

The streamer's having some fun with it.

Photo via MLG

Escape from Tarkov made headlines two days ago when it surpassed League of Legends, Fortnite, and Just Chatting as the most watched category on Twitch. And now, Dr Disrespect says why he thinks it succeeded.

The popular streamer poured a lot of time into Battlestate Games’ tactical first-person shooter during his Twitch broadcast yesterday. Dr Disrespect appears to be enjoying Tarkov and explained exactly why he believes the game is “pretty sweet.”

“It’s not the fastest game,” the Two-Time said. “We’re not jumping out of vehicles, pony-tail flapping in the wind, getting struck by lightning while we’re AK-ing somebody… I know it’s not that type of violent speed of momentum but there is a certain level of intensity and build up.”

Tarkov combines RPG and MMO elements together, as players embark on Raids to get top-tier loot. Though you can snag new gear after killing opponents, players who die will lose all the equipment they brought with them on the Raid.

Because the game is survival-focused, it doesn’t have the same action-packed gameplay as other FPS games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. But that doesn’t seem like a deterrent to Dr Disrespect, who appreciates its “intensity.”

Tune in to the Doc’s Twitch channel for some more Tarkov gameplay and a chance at winning a Twitch drop.