How to earn Twitch drops for Escape from Tarkov

Watch your favorite streamers to earn in-game rewards.

Screengrab via Battlestate Games

Christmas isn’t over yet for Escape from Tarkov fans.

Russian studio Battlestate Games has partnered up with Twitch to offer players a “New Year’s gift” in the form of Twitch drops. Fans are guaranteed one item, such as weapons or gear, by tuning in to select Tarkov streamers from now until Jan. 5 at 2:59pm CT.

Here’s how you can claim your Twitch drops for Tarkov.

Create your Tarkov profile

Only players with a copy of the game get earn Twitch drops. But those itching to try out the tactical first-person shooter can buy it here for 25 percent off.

Link Twitch account with Tarkov profile

As with all Twitch drops, players need to link their game account to the Amazon-owned platform. To do that, fans can visit the Tarkov website.

Watch streamers who have Twitch drops available

A select number of Twitch streamers are participating in the campaign. All players need to do is tune in long enough and they’re guaranteed at least one in-game drop. Fans can watch multiple streams simultaneously, but the watch time will only count if the channels are partaking in the event.

Tarkov is the most-watched game on Twitch right now, besting popular titles League of Legends and Fortnite. Only the Just Chatting category is ahead, but the slim 2,000 viewer difference may be toppled soon.