Dr. Mike, Harley, and Michael Reeves win at Creator Clash

All 18 participating creators put on an unforgettable show.

Screengrab via Creator Clash

The first ever Creator Clash has come and gone, with all nine matches between the eighteen competing influencers fought out in front of an electric crowd. The night saw intense fights, stunning conclusions, and thousands of dollars going to charity.

Held in Tampa Bay, Florida, Creator Clash sold out its venue at the University of Central Florida, hitting the maximum capacity of 10,000 attendees, while thousands more watched online. Several other streamers, including Hasan, Mizkif, and others, co-streamed the event to over 30,000 viewers each.

The event got off to an explosive start, as the first match between Dad and Super Mega’s Matt Watson ended in a little under thirty seconds, with a TKO in favor of Dad. Only two matches out of the nine managed to go to the judges, but the second fight of the night between Ryan MaGee and Alex Ernst was a sheer battle of wills that saw Ernst eventually prevail by unanimous decision.

The first and only women’s bout of Creator Clash between JustaMinx and Yodeling Haley saw the beloved Twitch star defeat the TikToker. Despite getting both contacts knocked out of her eyes in round two, Minx’s power shots put the match just out of Haley’s control.

Among the most technical matches of the night was Hundar versus AB from the H3 Podcast. Both trained by professional fighters, the creators’ respective training showed in this methodical match-up. In a battle between Hundar’s patient, defensive style and AB’s quick flurries, Hundar eventually prevailed after pushing AB against the ropes for another TKO.

OTV member Michael Reeves appeared in his first and only fight, according to him, skillfully bobbing and weaving his way to a victory over financial advisor Graham Stephan. In the co-main event, Harley from Epic Meal Time not only defeated Arin Hanson to claim the win, but also called out DrDisrespect and challenged the star streamer to a match.

The main event between boxing guru iDubbbz and Dr. Mike went the full five-round distance, but the medical YouTuber eventually took away the win. Though iDubbbz staggered through the five rounds, slipping in confident strikes where he could, Dr. Mike’s damaging right hand decisively earned the victory.

While the exact number of viewers and money raised for charity is still unknown, the event was certainly a successful one to viewers, both in person and watching online. Several more popular content creators immediately took to social media after the event, as well, wanting to participate in boxing matches of their own.

While there’s technically no guarantee that a second edition of Creator Clash will happen, iDubbbz seems to think it will, which would give many of these creators a chance to put their money where their mouth is.