Harley challenges Dr DisRespect to boxing match

The Epic Meal Time member wants to take on the Two-Time.

Shortly after his win against Arin Hanson at Creator Clash, Harley from the popular YouTube channel Epic Meal Time called out Dr DisRespect, challenging the streamer to a boxing match.

Creator Clash is an influencer boxing event spearheaded by YouTuber iDubbbz, featuring eighteen YouTubers in their first boxing match-ups. The fights took place in front of a live, sold-out audience in Tampa Bay, Florida, with thousands more watching online.

Well into the event, Harley emerged victorious in his heavyweight bout against Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson, winning the match in the second round by TKO. After being announced the winner, Harley had nothing but good words for his opponent, commending Hanson for his willingness to fight despite having less training and preparation time.

In his post fight interview, Harley mentioned his interest in another fight, though had a specific opponent in mind: the streaming giant Dr DisRespect. “I only used twenty percent of my abilities. I would like to exercise the remaining eighty percent,” Harley boasted. “I want to fight someone bigger, I want them to know it’s going down. The Doc.”

Invoking the name of the YouTube streamer, Harley called out the Two-Time. “Doc, I’m talking to you. I’m 6’6″. You think you’re tall? You think you’re Two-Time? This ain’t a game, boy,” Harley said to the cheers of over ten thousand fans. “And let me tell you something, that bullet proof vest you wear ain’t gonna stop these guns.”

While the event runner iDubbbz has confirmed that there will likely be another Creator Clash event, he has yet to reveal when this event may happen or who the card may contain. It remains to be seen if Dr DisRespect will respond to Harley’s challenge or if he will step into the ring, but Harley gave an impressive promo to hype up the match, regardless of if it actually happens.