‘My world has changed’: Disguised Toast says eye-opening Japan trip has made him question streaming

The Twitch star is having second thoughts about its importance.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast on Twitch

After traveling to Japan with his fellow OfflineTV members, Twitch star Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang said he had an epiphany that made him question the very nature of streaming on Twitch and other platforms.

The group, including LilyPichu, Scarra, Toast, and more, ventured to the land of the rising sun between July 8 and 20 and streamed their adventures on Twitch and YouTube.

However, between all the activities like making sushi, bar hopping, playing crane games, browsing food markets, and tasting sake, Disguised Toast realized something important during a moment of reflection.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast on Twitch

“I think it made me realize that I should be more efficient with my time,” he said while reflecting on the trip during his July 20 stream. “For example, are late-night VALORANT five stacks fulfilling? I don’t know.”

Toast said it dawned on him that there’s a whole world out there beyond streaming day-in, day-out, and although he still enjoys doing it, he wants to find a balance.

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“I feel like I’m having one of those ‘oh my god I went to a new country and now my world has changed’ kind of feelings,” he said. “That’s really cliche and I’m not like that, but my world has changed.”

The revelations didn’t end there, though. It also made him realize how many people are struggling to make ends meet in the real world, and how fortunate he is to have an abundance of money, although it doesn’t always make him happy.

“I don’t use the money to make myself happy,” he said. “I’m still stressed out about content every single day. I thought to myself, why did I make all this money if I’m going to be just as stressed?”

Perhaps the realization will entice him to abolish plans to resurrect the Twitch TV meta by watching Naruto and use his hard-earned money to travel more and start vlogging.