All past and present OfflineTV streamers

OTV's extensive history and creator roster.

OfflineTV, commonly abbreviated as OTV, is among the most viewed content creator groups across Twitch and YouTube. Starting in 2017, OTV quickly rose in popularity largely in thanks to their League of Legends content. Amassing millions of followers combined between personal channels, OTV has seen immense growth over the past years.

OTV has famously split its content into unofficial ‘seasons,’ typically entailing brief content hiatuses and notable periods of change within the group and auxiliary crew. As there has been four seasons since the group’s inception, OTV has seen a fluctuating roster of content creators and streamers. Though many of the group’s longest-standing members have remained involved in OTV to some capacity, there has been remarkable change in the current line-up of creators.

These are all the pas and present of OTV.

Current OTV Members

Though OTV employs many content directors, managers, and other related employees integral to the team’s content creation process, these are the currently active talent for the organization.

  • Scarra – Co-founder of OTV since 2017
  • Pokimane – Co-founder of OTV since 2017
  • LilyPichu – Founding member since 2017
  • DisguisedToast – Joined within months of inception in 2017
  • Yvonnie – Joined as house manager in 2018
  • Michael Reeves – Joined in 2020
  • Quarter Jade – Joined in 2021
  • Masayoshi – Joined in 2021
  • Sydeon – Joined in 2021

Past OTV Members

OTV has a long list of alumni, departing at various times throughout the groups history and due to many reasons. Though many of the members of this list still frequent OTV’s content and remain close with the organization, they are no longer official members of the content creator group.

  • BasedYoona – Joined initially in 2017, left soon after due to scheduling conflicts
  • Fedmyster – Joined as camera operator and editor in 2017, but later transitioned to a content creator role. Removed due to sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior towards other members of the group.
  • PokeLawls – Attempted to join in 2017 as initial roster however failed to obtain a visa.
  • MarkZ – Joined in 2017 as director, Fedmyster took over role in 2019.
  • Xell – Joined in 2017 as producer, Fedmyster took over role in 2019.
  • EdisonParkLive – Joined in 2018 however left in 2019 to pursue streaming independently.
  • SleightlyMusical – Joined in 2018, however was removed from the house after a cheating scandal.
  • AriaSaki – Joined in 2018 as house chef and personality, however, left in 2019 due to scheduling conflicts.