‘Solidifying their control’: Asmongold weighs in on Andrew Tate getting banned from social media sites

The Twitch streamer thinks freedom of speech could be in danger.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

Asmongold is one of Twitch’s most popular content creators and is known for giving his thoughts on nearly everything that is brought to his attention while streaming, from upcoming video games to real-world politics. And during a broadcast on his alternate Twitch account yesterday, the star shared his thoughts on Andrew Tate’s recent Facebook and Instagram bans.

Andrew Tate has skyrocketed in popularity over the last month, thanks partly to his appearance on Adin Ross’s Twitch stream on July 11, which caused the 35-year-old to gain massive traction in the livestreaming space.

Many content creators on Twitch and YouTube have since condemned Tate for his stances on most topics, calling them misogynistic. And it seems Meta agrees: the media giant banned the Hustlers University creator from its platforms on Aug. 19.

Despite most being happy to see the controversial celebrity gone, Asmongold thinks the bans are a step in the wrong direction for freedom of speech.

“I do think that as the main, big social media websites have just solidified their control over social media and just in general public discourse, I do think that there should be some regulation,” Asmongold said. “They should not just be able to automatically remove somebody from the platform because they don’t like them.”

Asmongold outlined his main stance on Tate’s Facebook and Instagram bans: he believes only those who break the law should be removed from social media platforms.

“I think also it’s a matter of accountability. Do you want a company that has private interests removing people from a platform that might have political ideologies that could, basically like make that company less money? No, I don’t think that you would,” Asmongold continued.

“I think that de-platforming should be limited to people who break the law.”

So far there has been no official statement regarding a potential return of Tate’s accounts from Meta. Aside from being banned from Facebook and Instagram, the former kickboxer has a Twitch account and multiple YouTube channels still active.