Amouranth’s next steps look towards further investments and creating a dog rescue

The popular Twitch streamer is tackling new endeavors, some of which are very close to her heart.

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One of the biggest and most controversial streamers on Twitch is taking a step away from her other platforms to focus on her other areas of interest, providing explanations for the massive career shift in a recent interview on stream.

Amouranth officially announced yesterday in an interview with YouTube creator Devin Nash that she will be stepping away from OnlyFans and working on business ventures, investments, and more personal endeavors. She previously teased a massive career shift, leading many fans to believe she was going to shut down her OnlyFans. Amouranth has been touted as one of the most successful creators on the exclusive content platform, often advertising it across her social media and Twitch streams.

In this interview, Amouranth provided insight on how she has become such a recognizable figure on social media and Twitch. In the two years since she went viral, she has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across each platform that she’s on, acknowledging that this journey is unlike what she ever expected. She also noted that the environment has been draining for her, but that she has persevered with a daily 12-hour stream schedule.

“[This journey] has been surreal. It’s something that I never expected to happen, for sure,” Amouranth said. “The desire to grow [pushed me forward], because I wasn’t as financially well off and I had to do something. But then the hot tub meta exploded and I said, ‘well, I guess we’re gonna grind this one.’”

In regard to more strange purchases, such as buying a gas station and plastic ball company, Amouranth detailed each purchase was meticulously done with the goal of sustaining her income and generating further passive income. She mentioned that a lot of these business ventures were made possible through her social media presence, allowing her access to investing.

“People underestimate how much raw money and focus creating a lasting, meaningful change costs,” Amouranth explained. “Anyone can start an endeavor if they have my kind of money, right away, but if you want it to last, you have to make sure the infrastructure is there and know what you’re doing.”

Her next step is focusing on creating a rescue shelter, in which Amouranth has expressed plentiful interest throughout her career. She plans to use many of her investments towards making a safe place for rescued dogs, many from “kill” shelters, and she wants to start taking this issue important to her more seriously.

“Every hour of my current earnings is, like, 50 more dogs I can be rescuing,” Amouranth said. “I think that kinda keeps me going, like, the equivalent of how much this opportunity is as far as the payoff goes, and things I can do with that money in the future, are super motivating.”

Amouranth’s immediate future will be to continue looking into new investments, now stepping away entirely from OnlyFans in June after attributing most of her financial gain to the platform. She is expected to continue streaming on Twitch, where she can be found in the “Just Chatting” and “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” categories, as well as occasionally playing games.