Amouranth now owns a gas station

From hot tub streamer to gas station owner, Amouranth is making money moves.

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Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model Amouranth announced that she has bought a gas station as a part of her financial plan yesterday. Amouranth’s gas station will be a Circle K and is located in a “major metropolitan area” that receives over 100,000 cars a day, according to the streamer.

She explained that because she was able to invest $1 million into the $4 million gas station, she actually saved money on taxes by investing that income.

Due to accelerated depreciation, Amouranth actually gains $110,000 with the gas station purchase. When accelerated depreciation rates are applied to new business assets, business owners can effectively reduce the amount of tax they have to pay on their income. Through the gas station purchase, Amouranth will pay $1.1 million less in federal income tax this year.

Because Amouranth lives in Texas, she is already exempt from state income tax, so she only has to pay federal income tax. She also explained that she won’t be managing the gas station and will make $85,000 a year from the property’s rental fees.

In response to backlash on her gas station investment, Amouranth clarified that she will still be paying millions every year in federal income tax. For Amouranth, the gas station is just another way to legally minimize taxation and maximize income.

As the Twitch payout leaks revealed, Amouranth made over $1.3 million from August 2019 until October of this year just from Twitch alone. She also has substantial revenue streams from multiple OnlyFans pages, Patreon, and YouTube.

In terms of how much Amouranth is making this year, she told H3H3’s Ethan Klein in an interview that she made $1 million in one month just through OnlyFans. On Twitch, Amouranth has about 18,000 monthly subscribers, many of whom are using Twitch Prime.

Considering that the bulk of her Twitch subscribers are Tier 1 and less than 1% are subscribed at Tiers 2 and 3, Amouranth makes around $40,000 a month just from Twitch subscriptions alone. This does not include her Twitch advertising revenue, bits revenue, or donations revenue.

This isn’t the first time Amouranth has shared her plans for all her income as a content creator. Earlier this year, she doubled down on her long-term plans to start an animal rescue. Amouranth told Mizkif she wants to open a large rescue where hundreds of dogs and other animals can live.

“I’m not going to be a thot forever,” Amouranth said.

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