Among Us is coming to the Nintendo Switch later today

The iconic game is finally receiving a console release.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us has dominated the gaming world over the last few months. Millions of players have downloaded the game on mobile and hundreds of thousands enjoy the title on PC.

And now, Nintendo Switch players will have a chance to play Among Us with their friends since it’s being released on the system later today.

The Nintendo Switch version of Among Us was revealed during the Nintendo World event today that showed a few of the iconic tasks being played on a Switch. Players will still complete tasks while an Imposter attempts to kill everyone without being detected. 

Among Us was the most downloaded game on mobile last month with 53.2 million downloads across all devices. It’s maintained a steady player base on Steam and even won two awards at The Game Awards 2020. The Switch version will likely introduce more players to the game and help it maintain momentum.

Among Us developer Innersloth recently revealed a new map called “The Airship” that will be released in early 2021. This map will include multiple starting locations that players can select after meetings. 

Among Us costs $5 on Steam and is free on mobile devices. It’s unclear if it will also be free on Nintendo Switch, but players won’t likely encounter a high price tag. Players can expect the game to release later today.