All Minecraft MC Championship 10 teams

New rosters, new beginnings.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

MC Championship, what is usually a monthly Minecraft event, surprised its fans this time around with a second event in the same month. Right after MC 9 concluded on Sept. 12, Noxcrew announced that MC 10 would kick off on Sept. 23.

Two events in a single month will be the first for the organizer, and players will also have a chance to enter the event through a viewer-only team. Two teams out of the usual 10 will be made up of viewers. Anyone who wants to apply to play in MC 10 will need to record a video of themselves and three other teammates to have a chance of getting in. Single applicants won’t be allowed for MC 10, but that can also change in the future.

Team Blue Bats, with Hbomb94 in its ranks, dominated the latest event, MC 9, but a new event means new chances for both seasoned veterans and newcomers. Like previous editions of the tournament, there have been many roster shuffles for MC 10, and it’ll be exciting to watch who was able to find the winning formula for the upcoming event.

Here are the teams competing in MC Championship 10 so far.

Team Red Rabbits

  • Dream
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • SolidarityGaming
  • CptPuffy

Team Orange Ocelots

  • PetezAhhutt
  • SmallishBeans
  • FalseSymmetry
  • CubFan

Team Yellow Yaks

  • Krinios
  • Tapl
  • King_Burren
  • MichaelMcchill

Team Lime Llamas

  • Technoblade
  • Ph1lza
  • Nikachu
  • The_Eret

Team Green Guardians

  • Quig
  • DangThatsaLongName
  • Shubble
  • LdShadowLady

Team Sapphire Simmers

  • Vixella
  • KryticZeuz
  • Drgluon
  • James Turner

Team Cyan Creepers

  • Sapnap
  • CaptainSparklez
  • KaraCorvus
  • Stylvee

Team Aqua Axolotls

  • TommyInnit
  • Tubbo
  • WilburSoot
  • Pokimane