When is MC Championship 10?

Gear up for the next event.

Image via Noxcrew

The Hbomb94 and the Blue Bats dominated late at MC Championship 9 and held off a late run by the Green Guardians and GeorgeNotFound to win it all, but the stakes will be reset heading into the next Minecraft event. 

Noxcrew have set the date for MC Championship 10, and fans won’t have to wait long for more Minecraft action since it will take place on Sept. 26. 

And not only is it running this month, but viewers also have a chance to enter the event through a new viewer-team initiative that the tournament organizers are running. 

For MC Championship 10, two of the usual 10 teams will be made up of viewers selected by Noxcrew through their application process, which includes a video submission introducing all four players on the team. Those viewers will play in the main tournament alongside eight teams of content creators just like any other MC event. 

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Applications will close on Sept. 20 at 2pm CT, so you better get to work on building a team and putting together a video that will wow the tournament organizers.

As always, the various teams of streamers will shuffle teams around to keep the competition fresh. During the MC9 there was not an overwhelming favorite to win the event, but with the implementation of viewer teams, the roster dynamics could completely change. 

MC Championship 10 will begin at 2pm CT on Sept. 26, so get ready to see some insane crafting.