How to take part in MC Championship 10

Do you have what it takes?

Screengrab via Noxcrew

During the broadcast for the Minecraft MC Championship 9, the Noxcrew team dropped small hints about viewers finally being able to play some of the games that the MC Championship is known for. And as it turns out, that wasn’t just a meme. Viewers will actually have a chance to participate in MC Championship 10. 

The event is opening up to allow viewers to compete for a chance at the MC Championship, while also playing against some of their favorite streamers and YouTubers on Sept. 26.

Two of the 10 teams in the MC Championship 10 will be made up of viewers, and they will play in the event just like any other team of content creators. Noxcrew has made a simple list of requirements to follow, noting exactly how viewers will be selected and what information they must provide to enter. 

Here is how you can enter for a chance to take part in MC Championship 10. 


  • You must be available on Sep. 26 at 1pm CT for at least four hours (maybe longer)
  • You need to be in a pre-made team of four (no single applicants)
  • Own a copy of Minecraft: Java edition 
  • Have Discord and a working microphone
  • Have a computer capable of smoothly running the event

Anyone that wants to enter for a chance to get into the MC Championship will also need to make a video introducing their entire team. This will be viewed as an application, so making the video as entertaining and hype as possible will increase your chances. 

Here are the guidelines set for the video entry. 

Video Entry Guidelines

  • What are your names, and how old are you?
  • What’s your role in the team? Are you the PvP legend, or just there for moral support?
  • Tell us about any talents or interesting hobbies – Minecraft, or IRL!
  • Are you playing to win, or just to have fun?
  • Which mini-game are you most looking forward to playing?
  • Who are you really looking forward to beating?

Applications will close on Sept. 20 at 2pm CT, so you better get to work on building a team and putting together a video that will wow the tournament organizers.