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A spaceship launching in Starfield
Screenshot by Dot Esports

The best Starfield mods available now (June 2024)

Born too soon for interstellar space travel but born in the right time to mod Starfield.

Like prior Bethesda RPGs, Starfield has developed a bustling modding community. With the best Starfield mods, you can tweak and tinker with every facet of the sci-fi epic and tune them to how you like.

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From relatively simpler quality-of-life changes to full-blown gameplay overhauls, you have no shortage of choices when building your perfect Starfield load order. However, to make your Nexus haul simpler, we have curated the 10 best mods you should absolutely use in your next adventure amongst the stars.

10 best Starfield mods

StarUI series of mods

Starfield screenshot of the inventory UI with the StarUI series of mods
All useful info at a glance. Image via Bethesda/m8r98a4f2
ModCreatorDownload link
StarUI HUDm8r98a4f2Nexusmods
StarUI InventoryNexusmods
StarUI WorkbenchNexusmods
StarUI OutpostNexusmods
StarUI Ship BuilderNexusmods
StarUI ConfiguratorNexusmods

Across the board, Starfield’s UI leaves much to be desired. There’s many systems the game throws at you and none of their menus are as compact as they could have been, all the while suffering from a lack of functionality.

Enter the StarUI suite of mods. They touch all menus and introduce various quality-of-life features that make navigating them significantly more convenient. They also come with a handy configurator, so you can tune the overhauled UI just to your preferences.

Better Crowd Citizens

Starfield NPCs in Neon bar with Better Crowd Citizens mod
Crowds feel less lifeless. Image via Bethesda/dasangbing
ModCreatorDownload link
Better Crowd CitizensBB84Nexusmods

Even the biggest Starfield fans will admit the crowds in the game’s cities are an eyesore. With lifeless faces, they often give the game an uncanny valley vibe where nobody—except your character and a select few NPCs—has any significance in the world.

The Better Crowd Citizens mod repurposes real human faces to appear on the crowd NPCs. This gives the ambient crowd in cities like New Atlantis and Neon a much-needed facelift: No more un-immersive zombie horde in NASA-punk megalopolises.

Starfield HD Overhaul

Starfield screenshot of a furnished interior inside the Constellation HQ
Everything looks snappier. Image via Bethesda/luxor8071
ModCreatorDownload link
Starfield HD Overhaulluxor8071Nexusmods

For a 2023 AAA game, Starfield didn’t really boast the best visual fidelity. While that has never been Bethesda’s strong suit, the modding community has always banded together and created all kinds of graphics mods that transformed the games into looking cutting-edge.

The Starfield HD Overhaul is a fantastic all-in-one package of high-quality textures that takes care of most things. Naturally, you’d spend the longest time downloading this mod, but with the performance-neutral graphical boost, it’s totally worth the time.

Royal Galaxy

Starfield screenshot of a Terrormorph inside a facility.
Terrormorphs will now be truly terrorizing. Image via Bethesda/JaeDL
ModCreatorDownload link
Royal Galaxy – A Compatible Starfield Revamp Balance Overhaul And Cut Content RestorationJaeDLNexusmods

If you played through Starfield already, you know how drab the game’s combat feels, especially at higher levels. This can be mostly attributed to poor weapon and enemy balancing.

The Royal Galaxy mod, as it says on the tin, revamps almost every gameplay aspect. Now, your encounters with Terrormorphs and Ashtas will be a whole lot more challenging and fitting of the game’s lore. Besides, the mod also restores a host of cut content, so even if you have played most quests in the game, this time they will feel a bit different with new dialogues and other additions.

PEAK – Enemy Combat AI

Screenshot of a combat encounter with a pirate in Starfield
Be more mindful when approaching gunfights. Screenshot by Dot Esports
ModCreatorDownload link
PEAK – Enemy Combat AIBasedGodAceNexusmods

While Starfield was a step up from Fallout 4 regarding shooting mechanics, the enemies still felt quite static and seemed to lack any real intelligence compared to what we have come to see in modern AAA games.

The PEAK mod fixes most of that problem and makes combat much more dynamic. You will now see enemies employing teamwork and flank maneuvers while incorporating distractions. Paired with the Royal Galaxy mod, PEAK will ensure your combat encounters are more lethal and something you can’t mindlessly engage in.

TN’s Ship Modifications All in One

Starfield ship-building UI featuring a part modified by the TN's Ship Modifications all in one mod
Tinkering will be much more rewarding. Image via Bethesda/TheOGTennessee
ModCreatorDownload link
TN’s Ship Modifications All in OneTheOGTennesseeNexusmods

Shipbuilding is one of the most complex and fun mechanics of the Bethesda RPG. While we’ve all spent countless hours in the shipbuilding menu crafting the space truck of our dreams, some of its aspects could definitely use touchups.

Enter TN’s Modifications All in One mod. It improves almost with ship parts. Habs, for example, now add cargo load capacity and hull HP depending on their size.

Astroneer – Become a Starship Designer

Starfield screenshot of an encounter with another spaceship
You can even encounter your own creations out in space. Image via Bethesda/codegangsta
ModCreatorDownload link
Astroneer – Become a Starship DesignercodegangstaNexusmods

If you ever felt like quitting the Constellation and making ship-building your only purpose in the Starfield universe, this mod is for you. With Astroneer, you get to be a freelance ship designer. The mod features a fully voiced NPC, a progression system to unlock more ship parts, and radiant quests to build thematic ships.

TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse

Screenshot of a dense Starfield outpost built with TG's Galactic Colonies Expanse mod
Go build a full-blown industrial agricultural complex. Image via Bethesda/Tank-girl444
ModCreatorDownload link
TGs Galactic Colonies ExpanseTank-girl444Nexusmods

For anyone coming from Fallout 4, the outpost system of Starfield must have felt a little too undercooked. The DLC-sized TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse mod aims to overhaul the outpost system and make it just as it should have been. With this, you will be building large colonies with complex production chains, new buildings, NPC recruitments, and better yet, “massive mechs.”

Starvival – Immersive Survival Addon

Screenshot of the Starfield status effect menu with the Starvival mod
Take care of your needs—quests can wait. Image via Bethesda/lKocMoHaBTl
ModCreatorDownload link
Starvival – Immersive Survival AddonlKocMoHaBTlNexusmods

With so much roleplaying potential, Starfield seemed like a massive missed opportunity for Bethesda when the game launched without an official Survival Mode.

The Starvival – Immersive Survival Addon mod builds on what’s already there and adds new mechanics that’d reasonably fit in a NASA-punk universe. It introduces basic needs, addiction, spaceship refueling, and a host of other mechanics that will make you treat your next playthrough in a much slower and more methodical manner.

Human Activity on Earth – Man-made Points of Interest

Starfield character in Earth now featuring human-themed structures with the Human Activity on Earth mod
The cradle of civilization is no longer a grave. Image via Bethesda/wSkeever
ModCreatorDownload link
Human Activity on Earth – Man-made Points of InterestwSkeeverNexusmods

Starfield’s recreation of planet Earth left much to be desired. Humans ventured to the Settled Systems and all that’s left in 130 years is a sandy barren wasteland—that seemed somewhat hard to stomach.

The Human Activity on Earth mod ensures your next visit to humanity’s erstwhile home isn’t as disappointing. It now has human-themed points of interest, just like countless other Starfield planets and moons in the Settled Systems.

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