SKT T1 has unveiled its PUBG team

The organization will attempt to make a run at the first season of the PUBG Pro Tour

Screengrab via Bluehole/Flickr

After an extensive recruitment process, South Korea’s most accomplished esports organization has revealed its roster for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

SK Telecom T1 officially began holding tryouts for prospective players on July 27 and roughly 20 teams took part. Of the 80 players only four made the cut, and the team were officially unveiled under the SKT banner after competing in front of a live audience in the final qualifying stage.

SKT’s PUBG team will consist of Park “Daze” Chan-hyuk, Kim “PLIKHE” Seong-jin, Kim “Raeng” Seong-jin, and Jung “ADDER” Ji-hoon. The key focus of the South Korean roster will now be to compete in the official PUBG Pro Tour, which is set to start in September this year.

The team’s coach, Choi “cCarter” Byung-hoon, said that the team’s key focus right now will be to get the entire roster on the same page according to Inven Global.

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“Since the players have been practicing starting from July,” cCarter said. “it is true that we don’t have enough time to participate for the Pro Tour. However, we will put in a lot of effort. Our first priority is to become a decent team that meets the standards of the esports powerhouse, SKT T1.” 

The organization’s search for a PUBG roster took nearly six months to complete. The organization first announced that it would start searching for a PUBG team back on Jan. 5. In the following months, however, the South Korean organization was silent on the topic of PUBG until July 27, when SKT announced the start of the tryouts.