PUBG is adding longer Steam marketplace restrictions to combat “jacked-up prices”

It's a deliberate move by PUBG Corp.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

One of the newest cosmetic crates in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still ineligible the Steam marketplace over two weeks since its release—and that’s exactly how PUBG Corp. planned it.

The new Aviator Crate released a few weeks back on May 16, but it and its contents still cannot be sold or traded on the marketplace due to a conscious decision by the developer. PUBG Corp. explained the reasoning in a new blog post today.

“Previous crates (like the Equinox Crate) were unmarketable for a shorter amount of time, but we’ve seen this cause somewhat abusive behavior of the market system—especially in the form of jacked-up prices for rare items,” PUBG Corp. said. “We believe that implementing slightly longer market restriction times will help alleviate this issue.”

The hope is that a bit of a cooling off period will stop people from price-gouging some of the newest and most rare items. But the fact remains that some of these items have insanely low drop rates, and thus will most likely continue to fetch higher-than-normal prices.

For example, PUBG’s pre-order outfit set was being sold for over $1,800 at one point. Today, the highest price listed on the market is for the female Ivory School Uniform set, listed at nearly $1,500.

Players are free to list these items for exorbitant prices, but that doesn’t mean they will sell. Many players have shown in the past, however, that they are willing to part with hundreds of dollars for a rare set or piece of gear.

The current plan is to lift market restrictions on the Aviator Crate on June 13 at 10pm CT.