PUBG’s new event mode features ghillie suits and stealth

This one is for the Splinter Cell fans.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The newest Event Mode is live for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it rewards stealthy players who know how to keep quiet while remaining lethal.

The new mode is called Ghillie Crossing. Ghillie suits will spawn in the world randomly as normal world loot. Not only that, but only crossbows and melee weapons will be available. Otherwise, it’s a standard 100-man battle royale.

Other unique rules include the blue zone damage increasing “exponentially” as the endgame approaches, no vehicles will spawn at all, and the first safe zone will always form around the center of the map.

Only 2x, 3x, and 4x scopes will spawn. All other world spawn items, including bolts, grenades, consumables, and attachments like quivers and scopes will spawn at a normal rate. Red zones and care packages are disabled.

“Best of luck, and remember if archery isn’t your strong suit you can always just pan people to death,” said PUBG Corp. The mode will likely feature lots of strafe-sniping duels with crossbows, as well as all out melee battles with pans, sickles, and other close-quarters weaponry.

Previous Event Modes in PUBG included a team deathmatch mode and a shotguns-only mode. The limited time modes offer unique ways to play PUBG other than the normal battle royale formula. They add a refreshing change of pace to the normalcy that players have come to expect from the game.

Ghillie Crossing will run from 9pm CT tonight, May 24, until 9pm CT on Sunday, May 27.