Team deathmatch comes to PUBG in new event mode

It's called Desert Knights.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

A brand new event mode goes live tonight in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and it is a unique spin on the classic team deathmatch game mode.

The mode, called “Desert Knights,” features 10 five-man squads on Miramar. After each death, players respawn in the airplane. The first team to 200 points wins the match. It goes live tonight, May 3, at 9pm CT and lasts through the weekend on May 6.

To make this mode even more unique, every player will spawn with top tier loot that’s normally only found in care packages. Players will spawn with either an AWM, M24, Mk14, M249, Groza, or AUG. Plus, everyone will be equipped with a level three vest and helmet, and two grenades.

The games will only have a maximum of 50 players, so only 10 squads will be allowed. Immediately after the plane gets into the air, though, the safe zone will be visible on the map. The zone will be small, but slightly larger than the previous iteration of the similar event mode called War.

The safe zone circle will never move or get smaller throughout the duration of the game, so players will know exactly where the fight will be throughout the entirety of the game once the plane is in the air. Respawn planes fly by every 40 seconds.

Getting kills and knocking out enemies will earn points towards the 200 goal. Kills are worth three points while knockouts are worth one point, and teams will be deducted five points if they knock out or kill members of their own team. If no team reaches 200 points before the 15-minute time limit ends, the team with the highest score will win.

Desert Knights sounds like another fun version of event mode, which consistently adds different and exciting ways to enjoy PUBG from the base game experience.

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