PUBG’s new Tequila Sunrise mode puts shotguns at the forefront

You'll need to get up close for this one.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The latest Event Mode in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has gone live, and it will require you to get up close and personal with the enemy in a big way.

The mode is called Tequila Sunrise, and it only features shotguns and melee weapons on the Miramar map. Both shotguns and melees spawn at a rate of three times the normal rate, and no other weapons will be available in the mode.

Level three backpacks, helmets, and armor will also have a spawn rate increase of three times the normal rate, but level one items will only spawn at a 50 percent rate. Ammunition will also spawn three times more than normal.

Fitting with the name of the event, the time of day is locked at sunrise. The sun won’t be high in the sky in this mode, and don’t expect any fog or rain, either. This is all about battling at dawn.

The safe zone also has a few behavioral changes, too, as the first safe zone will be visible on the map immediately after the plane gets in the air. It will also be smaller than its normal size, to help further encourage close quarters engagements.

Tequila Sunrise is obviously a huge change of pace from a normal round of PUBG, where players often snipe and use assault rifles with long-range scopes to pick enemies off from a distance. Now, you have no choice but to push up close and fight it out nearby.

Tequila Sunrise will be active until April 8 at 9pm CT, so get some games in this weekend before it’s gone.