A pickup truck is being added to PUBG on the new desert map

Get in boys—we're going looting.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has revealed a brand new vehicle coming to the game’s desert map: A pickup truck.

The truck’s model had previously been datamined from the test servers, but this is official confirmation from the game’s developer itself. The truck will be exclusive to the upcoming desert map, which will be available for testing some time in the coming weeks.

The unnamed truck looks like it could seat up to three in the cab, and then potentially even more can ride in the back of the truck and offer supporting fire, too.

Even more vehicles will be exclusive to the desert map, too, like a minibus, and some datamined watercrafts as well. The map will also have its own unique set of weapons.

PUBG’s desert map will be shown off to the world on Thursday night at The Game Awards. The game releases on Xbox One on Dec. 12 and will leave early access on Steam some time soon after that.