PUBG’s next limited time event features armored vehicles

It's raining metal from above.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The latest limited time event is now live in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it’s quite different from the past few.

“Metal Rain” features eight-man squads instead of the usual four. That’s been done before. What’s different this time around is that it will feature flare guns that drop down heavily armored UAZ vehicles from the sky.

Essentially, this mode is all about vehicle warfare, as players will be able to drive around in fully armored trucks and be able to shoot at other vehicles with squads who are doing the same thing. Think of it as like a vehicle deathmatch mode.

When using the flare gun, which spawns randomly alongside normal loot locations, there’s a few things to keep in mind. When shooting the flare gun inside the safe zone, special care packages will be dropped. But when you shoot it outside of the safe zone, that’s when an armored UAZ will drop.

The new mode is limited to 96 players (12 groups of eight-man squads), the redzone is enabled, and regular care package drops are also enabled. The mode will only be played on the Erangel map.

PUBG’s new Event mode has been a hit, as it brings a different and fun way to play the game each weekend. Last weekend saw a team deathmatch-style mode called War, and the weekend before was a mode that featured shotguns and melee weapons only.

The Metal Rain limited time mode is live now and will go on through Sunday night, April 22, at 9pm CT.