PUBG Global Championship 2021 Europe and Americas qualification process revealed

Consistency is key.

Screengrab via PUBG Corp.

Europe and Americas rosters will need to be consistent in the season leading up to November’s PUBG Global Championship (PGC) to earn an invite to the premier offline event.

Teams will earn PGC qualification points from various tournaments throughout 2021 based on their performance, Krafton announced today. Both regions have now been standardized to be scored via the same system.

The first-party PUBG Continental Series (PCS) events will offer a larger pool of points for teams, though third-party tournaments will also be eligible. The fourth season of the PCS is set to take place online in June, followed by its fifth season in September.

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Points can be tracked via a regional leaderboard, so fans will be able to keep up with and compare their favorite teams.

The ESL PUBG Masters: Spring running through April will be the teams’ first opportunity to earn valuable PGC points and a share of the $50,000 prize pool. The tournament features an open qualification round, so any team can sign up in the hope of getting a chicken dinner against the best of Europe.

Fans excited to consume more PUBG esports content should tune into the ongoing PUBG Global Invitational.S, where 32 of the best teams in the world are battling it out for a share of the crowd-funded prize pool that’s now at more than $6 million. While the tournament won’t have PGC qualification ramifications, it will be a good look at which powerhouses can survive the grueling weekly format and perhaps serve as an early indicator for the lead-up to PGC 2021.