PUBG passes 600,000 concurrent players on Steam, second only to Dota 2

So many people are playing this battle royale.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to pile up impressive accolades, as it passed 600,000 concurrent players on Steam earlier today, according to SteamCharts.

At around 10:00am ET, a total of 611,676 players were fighting it out in the battle royale title, second to only Dota 2, and surpassing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This extended PUBG’s record as the third-highest peak player count in Steam’s history.

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It’s been only eight days since PUBG cracked the 500,000 player count, so the pace that it’s on is rather impressive. The record for second-highest peak player count is CS:GO, which had 850,485 players back in April 2016.

PUBG will soon be getting the addition of vaulting and climbing mechanics, after it only just recently received first person-only servers and microtransactions.

Thanks to a strong effort from the game’s developer, Bluehole Studio, PUBG receives weekly and monthly updates to improve the game and add content.

It seems like every time PUBG’s momentum is about to slow, it just keeps on going, considering the game’s obvious popularity in its fanbase and its crazy viewership on Twitch.