PlayerUnknown wants to “remake” PUBG’s current map some day

The developer is still working on the two new maps, too.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

Pochinki, Mylta, Georgopol, Primorsk, Lipovka. These names are well-known to all PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players, as they are key points of interest in the game’s only map thus far—Erangel.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene has confirmed that there are two new maps in the works, which are still months away, but he and the team at Bluehole might also have plans for the game’s current map.

Greene spoke about the new maps in an interview with USgamer, but also said that he would love to revisit Erangel one day down the line.

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“With our new maps, we have guys that really have a lot of experience creating realistic maps,” said Greene. “We have a level designer who worked on Call of Duty. Our other lead terrain artist here in Korea loves that realism and spends hours reading books on the trees of regions and all this kind of stuff. So the next map should feel a lot realer, a lot more together.

“And it’s our plan in maybe a year’s time to go back to Erangel and sort of remake the map and give it that identity of this kind of Russian or Crimean island, I should say.”

It would be interesting to see Erangel get a remix of sorts, as Greene and Bluehole would be able to alter anything on the map. It might shake things up to have new towns, buildings, or even islands added. And they could even change around the terrain as well.

The possibilities are limitless right now, but the focus at Bluehole is finishing PUBG and bringing it out of early access for a full release on PC, and an eventual release on Xbox One. The game has sold over six million copies in just four months of early access on Steam.